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Single Bakcou Heavy Duty Fat Tire Tube

Single Bakcou Heavy Duty Fat Tire Tube

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Box contains only single tire tube. Ride harder and ride longer. Military-grade butyl rubber tube with variable thicknesses keep weight down and give your tires strength where you need it. Upgrade your bike and avoid punctures with these heavy-duty, ultra-grade fat-tire bike tubes perfect for both electric and traditional fat-tire bikes. 

The heavy thickness (3.5mm) of the rubber at the base of the tire tapers up to a thinner, light-weight thickness (1.8mm) against the rim of the tire. This is an incredible upgrade from the standard 1.7mm thickness in a traditional fat-tire tube and takes the protection against punctures to the next level. Each tube include an easy-to-inflate Schrader Valve that allows airflow in only one direction, also allowing you to check the air pressure. Ride more and worry less with Bakcou’s new Heavy Duty Fat Tire Tubes. 

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