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21ah Fat Tire eBike Battery *Matte Black Only*

21ah Fat Tire eBike Battery *Matte Black Only*

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What Battery Discharge Do You Have?
What Charger Do You Have?

Whether looking to upgrade your fat tire eBike battery or you want to get a backup for your trips into the backcountry, our 21ah Battery is the perfect solution. With a battery life of 900 charges, this extended distance battery will improve your rides for years to come.

There are a number of variables that can affect the range of your electric bike battery including but not limited to rider weight, temperature, level of pedal assist, and terrain.

If purchasing a brand new Bakcou eBike today and a 21ah battery as an extra, please select "Extra battery with brand new eBike purchase" in the drop down. 

If purchasing for an existing Bakcou fat-tire eBike you own, please select the battery discharge and charger you have. See images for reference

* If you have a Step-Through (ST) model Bakcou eBike, the 21ah is currently the largest battery option available. The 21ah battery does fit on our ST 24" models, but it will be a bit snug. 

A 21ah Bakcou eBike battery is equivalent to 1008 watt hours. 

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